about her

tell me more about her

as if i didn’t already know of her tremendous impact

she laughs with her nostrils

a certain flair billows from her smile, showing no gum

we were strangers in eternity but for one calculated bond forged by literature, laughter, and our womanhoods

she would grumble and i would grin

we sought hidden corners and would converse for hours

i miss her straightened body that spoke of protection and comfort but, and she told me, had never been experienced 

and i am enthralled by her memory

four years later and she will come to me in a dream

and the dream is sensual, but indifferent to eroticism

it makes my heart burn! why!

she will twirl on a pedestal, a fragile ballerina, plié, like on the stage in the setting of an encapsulated, translucent globe

her inexperience is not with herself or her confidence 

so enamored 

i scream and reach for her, “come to me,” to let me see her with my embrace

but the pleading is hushed by the rippling energy that weaves and hums from her as she smiles, but blank, unaware of my presence through the looking glass 

i scream

i scream

and i love her. i decide to fall back

the best life she could ever have is one without me. her brown eyes close, her nudity becomes draped with my twin size duvet

she fades 

a longing, unfulfilled by choice, that has driven me mad will continue

an addictive prescription


25 5 minutes

if it’s going to take 5 minutes to love you then I’ll make them the slowest 5 minutes of your life. the general consensus is that I am an excellent lover. i misjudge character and give it my all anyway.

as i peer into your eyes it’s almost as if I never knew how to see. an incredibly warm sadness begins to drip down from between my legs. it embarrasses me and I’m one tough cookie to crack.

its savage. i feel the tangled mass of veins in my brain become wired. its like a how i imagine heroin or cocaine would feel. the downside to never having done hardcore drugs is that i still suffer from week long withdrawal symptoms – migraines, a numb face, watching the wall spiral around lulling me to sleep.

I grit my teeth beneath my thick, lipped smile because I think you can’t see it (i’m still not entirely sure). I can feel my rib cage smiling.

I use the back of my hand to ski down your shoulder and arms.


I wrote this in 5 minutes. It was very energizing.

And I’m 1/4 done with my goal. It’s good to know. I’m glad people have been able to see this.

Ask me for my views on ribs, the sun sinking in the west, and lemon lime sparkling water.