24 Wordsmith (2016)


Rings out

Word crack

Blow your brains out


Brass bronze pewter

Sunshine sun gleam

Breathe fire

Bleed rain


Thick thighs

Save lives

Happy husbands

Happy lives


23 sam

4/17/68 – 9/5/16

With patience, i see your
Handwriting in mine

With anger I see it even more clearly

smelled like old steering wheel leather
And aftershave, 24 years familiar

I watched you travel to discworld, hyrule, world of warcraft

And you taught me the lyrics to every popular song from the
60s 70s 80s (Kool 1-OH-8)

Left behind us all
Named Kiddo


unsubmitted obituary for my dad

22 driving at night to the beat (2016)

Fat stack monoliths at night

Penetrates sky
Scrapes land
Space arms race
Slow pace

Hands reach tongues preach
Secrets breach
Teachers teach

Pass GO to the flow
Go to stop the slow glow

Stop light on avenue’s right
No lefts at night

Wind whips
Smiles, lips
Eyes blink
Mind trips

Plane lands,
Snelling, Grand

I can, I can, I can


Definitely have some hip hop influence here. I have, recently, been writing more rhythmically. This is the first of those. I love this.

21 rocky (2016)

With every rocky start
And every beat of her rocky heart
The blood pumped, veins throbbed
Eye itched, sweat dripped

To meet her greatest fear, and desire to overcome that fear
With a vice grip extending from her pubis
On target, on point
There is sweat, there is dirt

There is no more survival for an age old compromise

Just do it, and do it now

Everything comforting is distorted
Familiar like a Dali landscape
The map by Mondrian

The flight has left her
There’s only fight left
And she’ll survive

For she has become the fittest

And she will win
because she fears no loss

And she will rise because she believes
In flying
Not falling.

20 drumbeats (2016)

Da da da da da
On the waves of breath
Of the ghost people
Da da da da da

Driven to corners,
Herded to near extinction
No animals deserve this treatment
To the sound of heart beats
Da da da da da dum

One world, one empathy
Belonging to the souls of those in turmoil
Da da da da da dum

Fleeing our familiarities
For a chance at safety
Leave the sun to the vultures,
we travel by the thin light of the stars

Da da da da da dum

18 dear dear dear (2016

I use dish soap to drown you
Filthy, wretched, my only love

Silence makes the heart grow fonder
But folding the laundry is erotic
And makes my chest contract

I can tell when your nods are genuine
I wonder what you wish you were named
And if you had one hundred dollars,
What you wouldn’t do with it

I am itchy and bogged down
I grow hunched and inevitable
But I won’t throw you into the oven
You’re already baked

I joke about carmel –
You too get stuck in my teeth
I pretend I bite off your limbs and cannot take my eyes off you

Why are you so vain?
You throw clothes out that brush against the floor
You eat name brand ice cream
Like the fucking Queen of England
You act like you’re wealthy in wisdom
You’re just wealthy in lies
And recycled cereal boxes

At least you’re humble.
I’m the gossip.
I dare you to tip your hat at me,
Assuming you can afford to trim your bangs

Lounge in the sun
Pretend you’re a snake
Not being a snake