polaroids at harriet lake 

it was cloudy out but it did not rain, so that was good

went to lake Harriet in search of blossoming flowers at the rose garden, but none were to be found

we found a waterfall at the peace garden

and got some wonderful polaroids done with the Instax Mini (truely amazing)

here is me with the photographer Blair Moore

would definitely work with Blair again. I’ll share contact information at the end of this post. 

After reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (and some of Through the Looking Glass), and knowing Disney, these flowers always have faces. 

the husband and I enjoying a day outside without the risk of sunburn!

CONTACT: blairmoore.art@gmail.com

Photographer, Digital Artist, Cool Human


artsy at the arboretum

the minnesota landscape arboretum in chaska, MN is amazing and I am now going to post a few photos I took 

the sun may not cure depression, but it helped me forget for 14 hours 

learned this about myself: will forego sleep in pursuit of beauty

11 baby bird (2016)

I saw a baby bird
It was dead on the sidewalk
If I didn’t know any better, I’d have stepped on it
I thought it was gum

No feathers had the chance to grow
No sound passed through it’s new throat
And now it’s dead on the sidewalk

I don’t even know if it’s eyes opened once

I can’t help but feel cliche sorrow
At this new experience
and let the natural course of the world
into my blood to haunt me

17 patience (old)

i train on the red dust trails
absorb pebbles through my soles

my soul on fire
surely an agent of peace?
what else can I know?

but the sun streams in tattered beams
slice my brain through my eyes
eyebrows flutter away

apocalyptic heat to greet this evening

i train on the red dust trails

the voice of my mother whimpers
calls me to dinner,
inhale the rumble of my stomach
absorb me back into the womb, feed me

she sees me as a giant
i cast a 50 foot shadow with raised arm
she is threatened by my opportunities
i am the source of her envy