26 untitled (2016)

The first time the traffic light turned green
Seemed obscene to me
And I went and it meant that I had reached my peak

A weak week left me on my back and knocked me off my feet and you reap what you sow but can you sow what you reap?

This is the last poem of 2016. I’m going to get started on typing up poetry for 2017 that I have written down in journals.

Thank you so much for being on this journey with me. Please, do not hesitate if you’d like to see my poetic opinion on anything.

25 the subtle way things change

The subtle way things change

The subtle way things move around unnoticed
Switching a book on the shelf
The pile of socks is one sock larger

Something left unhinged
A towel folded horizontally
Being unable to smell out one nostril

Rewatching your favorite show
And noticing a new detail

How do your bones crack in the evening and the morning?
When the sun sneaks up and away from you

A kiss a millimeter to the left
A belt’s forgotten notch

Maybe an itch you’ve never experienced
Or the sensation of relief afterwards?

Did you feel sadness for the first time?
Can you remember the last memory the same?