15 hallelujah it gets better (2016)

hallelujah, it gets better
I finally smiled on the day that my dad died

every breath since his death has been hollow
and it echoes, cavernous, but light and airy

I used to swallow my tongue
but there was still a voice inside me
and she screamed and she rose

hallelujah, it gets better
after I was able to open my eyes again
to see freshness in the season of renewal
I saw the holy trinity of colors
orange, yellow, red and said
hallelujah, it gets better


For some reason, I stopped dating my poems, only having the dates in Google Drive, but this references the death of my father. You can read the blog posts about his death in part 1 and part 2.

Today is April 17th, which would have been my dad’s 49th birthday.


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