i do not follow, an fyi

unlike tumblr, I’m here for the written content, the poets, the artists, the thinkers.

in order to find those people, you have to kind of skim, find something you like, follow them, and then, depending on the content, you can get a feel for the person.

but i will never intentionally follow people who have views that are consistently unsympathetic, unempathetic, and exclusive. what that means is, basically, I do not follow:

Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists – TERFS
Radical ANYTHING, really
Anti-immigration people
Anti-abortion people
Anti-vaccine people
People who make rape jokes/Rapists
People who just want to start arguments

and i don’t follow them because it gets exhausting seeing people find ways to hate other people, especially for no reason. yes, you can hate an asshole who stole your purse. no, you cannot hate all people of one race because one person of that race stole your purse. i think it’s a very simple concept, and since i’m trying to be an optimist and positive and all about love, that hippy shit, i am not following these people in case i do feel the urge to engage and have it blow up in my face. because it will. because i scream.

so, there’s probably more to add to my list, but i don’t follow these people, and they probably don’t follow me. and it’s not big loss to lose followers who think that i’m close minded for not wanting to associate with people who are overtly [any of the above], even though it is for the sake of my own well being.

love all of you.



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