7 July (2016)

they say you reap what you sow
but you went and plowed the wrong field

butternut squash is so out of season
what’s in vogue is sweet corn
[corn corn corn, the wind hums in springtime baritone]

It’s been at least 5 years
I’m going to need you to get over me

forget how splendid my skin looks under the harvest moon
how my fingers trail between the stalks of wheat
how my smile is streaked and broken by strands of hair

and I’ll forget how you made me want to vomit
how you saved the piss at the bottom of your toilet bowl
how you told me that my soul needed saving

you’re out of season like butternut squash


2 thoughts on “7 July (2016)

  1. I suggest calling it “July” since that is when sweet corn starts being in season (and squash is definitely not in season).

    • HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE FARMERS KNOW? I didn’t even realize corn and squash didn’t coincide. I MADE IT UP. Am I God??

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