I’m Back! (And Kicking and Complaining)


Married life is a lot like non-married life except now we have the flattened remains of many balloons. We had to throw our wedding cake away because it was so sweet that I’m surprised anybody who ate it still has teeth and it was a sheet cake… and only about half of it was able to be eaten before it just became this perplexing dessert that took over 1/3 of our fridge.

It’s been going well.

So now:

Damn Boss, back at it again with that bullshit.

I can understand why bosses tell you not to disclose your income to your peers. But, this peer didn’t disclose it. She walked to my trash can and threw her time sheet into it. Instead of the one by the printer? That was 2 steps from her vs 10 steps? Anyway, I saw how much she made and how much she makes overtime. It pissed me off. Sure, she’s part time and I’m full time (salaried) and she gets yelled at and is a terrible worker. But this has clearly been her 2nd or 3rd raise. I’ve been here for nearly 2 years.

So I had somebody calculate my “hourly” income.

Between MY part time and full time raise in the last year (I got 1), I got a whopping 14 cents! A coworker said her part time went up 4 dollars when she was full time. What is this bullshit?

So, if I don’t get a 4 dollar raise come my next review (in a month), I think I’ll quit. Because if he can hand those raises to Beth, he had better be able to give it to me.


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