5 a file of grievances against my ex (2016)

This ex messaged me a while after he got married in some sort of attempt to brag about marrying somebody he’s only known for 2 years while I married a friend of 7 years. Poetic fun!

  1. no ambition
  2. no savings account
  3. counted the hours we spent together
  4. tried to stab me on the kitchen floor
  5. privileged out the yin yang
  6. spoiled rotten by his parents
  7. couldn’t cook and once set a potato pancake on fire
  8. bought a red crossfire that he couldn’t fit into, nor fit it into the garage
  9. made fun of my age for somebody who was 23 and couldn’t find anybody in his age range
  10. made fun of my butt on numerous occasions, not in a jesty or sexy way
  11. complained when I couldn’t stay with him one summer because I was working
  12. cheated on his now wife with me for 2 months because “he didn’t really think it was going anywhere” unlike me, who literally had no excuse and didn’t need one and just wanted to bang
  13. proclaimed the superiority of Apple products and bought a thousand dollar monitor then refused to help me get a college laptop because they were “too expensive”
  14. still has my kenex set
  15. fucking asshole
  16. i want those kenex back, you douche
  17. never flushed the toilet
  18. mama’s boy to the point the umbilical cord is still stretching to him from across 40 minutes

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