4 love the rain (2016)

he asks me why i love the rain
he sees me leaning against the window frame

each droplet exhales for miles and miles
and allows me to inhale their cooling ends
and they chatter for hours like dear friends
to bring about the best that rages within me

there was a lightning storm one night, i say,
purple, teal, silver flashing throughout July
and in that storm I fell in love with a shadowy illusion
an illusion which eluded me, disappearing into the desert heat

it was the desert, really, who taught me why i should love the rain

because when I spent so much time squinting my eyes
pleading with mirages, being vulnerable to the sun,
refusing to see the flaws with bedding a cactus
it was the rain that patiently waited on the border

softly whispering shh shh shh shh as I cried
and, while damp, allowed me to hold myself tighter
using the cold to shield me from the worst that rages within me

so you see, i peer at a very real face
you should ask the rain why it loves me


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