The Most Annoying Work Story Ever: Part 2


A long overdue update, though it will never truly end.

I bitched to HR about the situation.

HR felt the same way.

The boss basically confronts me one on one at a time I am not prepared.

I told him that with everybody else feeling so negative, it’s making me feel negative. It’s not healthy for me, I am not comfortable working in an environment where people’s tension literally can be felt. I said that she wants to make crafts, not really ship boxes, that he babies her, and that she gets whatever she needs to complete her job (parts that she doesn’t want to do, like drive to the airport), while I get snubbed and don’t have an assistant. He basically said, “Why cut off the nose to spite the face?” and I said, “The nose never worked. The nose is clogged with snot.”

So she still works there, she isn’t full time (she decided not to be after less than 2 days, seriously, what the hell. And now we have to re-establish her role AGAIN.

Recently, I had to put up some sympathy cards. They’re nice, but I physically have to go through every product 1 by 1 to put up the photos and the Alt Text, and delete the old photos. It’s not been a problem, but it will be once we have 100+ gift products that these cards go for. I told HR that I do not ever want to replace this photo again for the next 30 years. Because that’s allowing Beth a power over me that nobody else can have, and if she decides to change cards or is too tired to make more of the ones she has up, tough titties, she has to do it. She is expensing the cost. She is a vendor for us. She makes like 3 or 4 at a time, which isn’t going to be good enough at a certain time. So if she can’t keep up, I don’t want to offer her cards. Plain and simple, no?

But, whatever. I noticed a slight shift in favor of me and getting me some help, when everybody pitched in to help fix a mistake I brought upon myself (although Shopify is literally the worst). So, this past week has been a pretty good week, in spite of Beth. She’s still there. She still fears me.

And I feel just a little bad because she has no interaction with me at all. We are two separate plains of existence. So, all the energy I feel in the office has been my influence to her. She still bites her nails and says dumb shit, though, but we all do… but she is just so obvious in her nail biting it makes my skin crawl. I hate it.


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