Things Don’t Change: But They Won’t Stop Happening

It’s slowly been occurring to me that getting married in February isn’t going to make my life magical, by any means.

It’s going to be the same, with some slight financial differences.

As I spend New Years Day alone for the first several hours, something I haven’t done in my entire life, I sit and try to think of everything that happened this past year. It has been a lot more stressful. For one, I was supposed to be out tonight, but Andrew hasn’t made any commission and my paychecks aren’t enough to support us. I’ve gotten a lot of experience pushing back bills and changing due dates and asking for extensions and feel only slight embarrassment, as compared to the nagging, red-faced, rage I felt.

I know my biggest plan for the next year is to get a zine up and running. Something called Lovely Losers or Survivor’s Gilt, about being a victim of abuse and offering a non-professional support network. I don’t really know where to begin. Recruiting writers, artists, and the like, is a pretty new concept for me. I have some friends who might be able to help. Maybe people here will be able to help as well. Best places to sign up, online copies, physical copies, proofreading, things like that.

Until next time:



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