When can I be ungrateful? Secret Santa Sucks

This year at work we decided to do a Secret Santa. I was never one to fall in love with the idea of secret gift giving.

My first experience was in Girl Scouts. We all bought generic presents THEN drew numbers. I got a stocking holder and some other girl ended up with a Barbie Dream House (of some sort). The leaders didn’t specify a budget. The look on my face probably said it all. Every girl in my troop got something stereotypical and girly, but at the time it was what I wanted. I wanted a nice set of hair accessories, or nice girly socks, a teddy bear, or anything Barbie. And the kicker was, when we got home, the stocking holder didn’t even stay where it was supposed to. My parents even tried those removable adhesive strips, and it didn’t work. It was the worst experience.

To be fair, the next year, the troop wasn’t 40 girls. It was 10. And we drew names and set a $20 limit. Everything was more pleasant and intimate. I had a great time.

So, now we come to work. $10 limit. I drew a name. I got somebody I had known longest at the company, besides my boss, and I picked up some hilarious and thoughtful gifts. They were on sale, so I could just get MORE stuff. I got a wine glass, a photo frame, and I hand made an ornament. I’m pretty awesome like that. So, it couldn’t be too bad. If you look at my office space it’s full of 1 thing: Lilo and Stitch. Mostly Stitch. Pop! Figures, Tsum Tsums (whatever those really are in actuality), a poster, pins. STITCH. It speaks to my own feelings of alienation and not being created for want, but as a mistake. Also, he’s cute.

So, fun. Everybody gets something pretty meaningful. A bottle of wine, a splurge bucket of popcorn, candy, and movie type snacks, scarves and nail polish, and a personalized coaster.

Guess what I get?

A gift card to Punch Pizza for 1 of 2 types of pizza that I don’t even get to choose or know what size it is.

And, 3 minutes afterwards, I find out that originally he tried to give it to Sarah, who wanted it, but then it disappeared from her desk, only to show up in my Christmas card.

I don’t like Punch Pizza. I know of 1 location and haven’t been there in 6 years. And if it is a personal size pizza… I don’t know what I’m going to do if I bring somebody else along. Well, maybe I don’t like it. I haven’t been there in 6 years – that has to mean something.

Work is a mess. This seems to speak to what my boss actually thinks about me. My boss was my secret santa. Now I’m looking for another job. But this isn’t the complete reason why. Another blog post will explain that.

There is nothing worse than sitting in a room full of happy people who like what they got trying to pretend you appreciate the gift. I appreciate the sentiment, I love pizza, but the fact that it was obviously re-gifted, it wasn’t unique, and he probably got it after eating another expensive pizza and that was just a gift to him (double re-gifted).

Hope everybody had a better Christmas experience than I did. My actual Christmas was pretty good, with my grandma, but it was cut short because of a blizzard.


4 thoughts on “When can I be ungrateful? Secret Santa Sucks

    • Right? I should’ve just skipped out. I don’t think I like “stuff” as much as I like “not being disappointed”. I will probably not participate next year.

  1. You gift was ‘re-gifted’, and I am being kind here, he is LAME. Lame, lame, lame. And no, you are not required to be ‘grateful’ to that specific act of lameness just because it’s Christmas. He could have just saved it. Ugh I am sorry you have to go through the shit you do at work.

    • Like, I even told HR (who is 1 person, who I had for Secret Santa) and she said it was super shitty because he probably got a couple of them, I don’t know the size of the pizza so I’m wary of inviting people with me, and I don’t even go to Punch Pizza? IF YOU LOOK AT MY DESK IT’S SO OBVIOUS. I’ve never had a sweet spot for the “holidays”. My mom would use my November 22nd birthday to lump it together with Christmas, so I was pretty much getting screwed from the get go.

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