The Most Annoying Work Story Ever, Part 1


So, some context. I’ve been with my company for a little over a year and a half-ish. Or about that. It’s a web based store. My primary function is to get products on the website and managing the website. Website manager.

As more people began to get hired on we basically became a harem. Of the 7 employees, 6 are women. K, A, B, S1, S2, and me. And then my boss.

Anyway – this isn’t recent, but B should’ve never been hired. She’s been on our team for less than a year, so far. She’s in shipping. Or she was? I don’t know. Here is some contextual insight to having her around.

  1. When she did product receiving she refused to weigh and measure the products, instead leaving that to the photographer.
  2. When the photographer became a photographer/engraver, she still insisted that she didn’t have time to do weighing and measuring.
  3. She would rather invest her time in arts and crafts than our company.
  4. She began to create cards and bookmarks to ship with our products, much to the dismay of me and K because I am in control of products (I was, more or less, until S2 arrived and became the product development manager). Because I didn’t know this, there was a renaming of a pet urn to a child urn. Somebody ordered it as a child urn. B sent a pet bookmark with it. It still haunts me to this day. And she was so nonchalant about it that I can’t stand it.
  5. She consistently requires help or “never has time” to do her job.
  6. She basically has my boss wrapped around her finger and has him running out delivering packages to the USPS/FedEx/UPS. He’s THE BOSS.
  7. She posted that she didn’t understand why she needed ANY knowledge of inventory since it wasn’t her job to do that. She was doing receiving, inventory counting, and stocking. Tell me how that does not involve inventory? She had to have a meeting to discuss her job duties in October.

This is the tip of the stupid iceberg.

This is what has happened in the last week.

On a day I was absent last week, apparently K had to tell our boss to have ANOTHER MEETING because she was NOT doing her duties. He was told she wasn’t trustworthy and she goes and does her own thing, complains when we aren’t on time, refuses to deliver products to get engraving, etc. Basically, the profile of somebody who hates their job.

I am not entirely sure what happened, but B ended up getting what she wanted and NOT having to do product receiving. So A and R (our accountant who comes in sometimes, also a female) were doing receiving. B kept going to them and saying they were “doing it wrong”. R started the whole process. Eventually, I guess, A snapped because she was being taught by R and B didn’t even want to be there. So then B breaks down and is sobbing and R has to console her and K is rolling her eyes, probably.

At some point, B sneaks out the back, texts K that she quits, and leaves. Our boss then reappears from wherever he was and then spends the next 2 hours trying to get B to come back.

On Friday, the 19th, during out staff meeting, here we go, he announces her promotion. Her new job duties. He praises her for her helping him implement his vision. The whole time the room is tense. How does he not understand it? She’s receiving all this praise for QUITTING, basically.

I feel like I have to laugh, or cry, or vomit. I feel my heart beating super fast and it hurts. Like, I wanted to die, probably. I was so insulted for everybody. I literally left to work at home after the meeting. I can’t remember what even happened. It was one of those moments where the color drained from my face and all I saw was a bright light.

So, today, I spent the better part of an hour bitching at K about this BS. On top of my boss insisting he is a puppet master and micromanaging everything I do, investing his money in the wrong places of his business (the product and not the people, but also B), and then jokingly (or not, I don’t take it as a joke) that he is going to replacement and that he doesn’t trust me to do my job outside of the office, even though it’s a huge part of the job, a reason why he said I wasn’t getting a raise… because I can work from home.

So, basically, I’m about to quit my job unless the situation doesn’t improve. I’m literally so upset with this current situation, I don’t find myself waking up happily to go to work. I’m just not quitting because I don’t have the money to NOT work. So, eventually he is going to have to explain to his whole company why this shit happened.



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