***Self Published on Amazon***

I got REALLY bored and decided to publish a book.

It was for a manuscript that I had originally submitted to a contest last… winter, at some point. I never heard back so I figured… why not?

I learned how to make automatic Table of Contents, which is the most manually frustrating automatic thing ever, and I learned about inserting page breaks. Fun times.

Anyway, it’s an Amazon Kindle Exclusive for 90 days. Free with KindleUnlimited and $9.99 for other kindle users. I think I might do a few autographed copies once a printed version is ready. So after my wedding (BTW I’m getting married in February, so buying this when available would be a really nice surprise.)

I may lower the price. I just thought I’d set it to $10, because that’s fair. 80 pages.

You can go on Amazon and search for subtle passages by Elizabeth Mathers, or you can just click here and see for yourself.


I love this silly little pre-set cover.


2 thoughts on “***Self Published on Amazon***

  1. I don’t know why boredom leaves me in such a strange, energetic place. I learned how to make an automatic Table of Contents. It involved a lot more manual input than I would’ve liked. Nothing so far. At the end of March it won’t be Kindle Exclusive, so real books should arrive soon.

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