30 prayer for our women

absence of the soul is striking down our Mothers
and beautiful the tears, bountiful the essence of life
sacrilege to try and intervene in destiny
Hold out your palms and pay penance
When you open your eyes the first thing you see is salvation
in the arms that can outlast death
absence of the soul is belittling our Daughters
just because you are taller does not mean you can look down on her
nurture her with fertile soil lain in your heart

she will, glory glory, know infinity

Grow your pride from her affinity for life
searching for the eternal by knowing the internal
absence of the soul is hindering our Wives
restriction, ownership, pay no heed to the past lineage of man
she will caress you to where you begin and where she ends
she will nudge you off a cliff and watch you fall with the best of intentions
reach out to her with twilight whispers
a curved lip is not the only way to smile.


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