Mad Max: Fury Road Review(ish)

Holy s***.

My friend and I decided to see it because people had been complaining that there were too many women in it. That is the most stupid reason for complaining. I can’t even begin to describe how important this film is to me. I have to suggest you to some literature and photos to capture my true feelings.

A+. I am going to see it again in the next week.


This is the first article I read *after* seeing the film. It made me cry laugh.

This is an important video that outlines a few of the fantastic cars used in the film. All real.

This is a nice list of all the ways that Mad Max is not a sexist pile of shit. Everything is done with a purpose. I was kind of bugged by the fact there were so many skinny models, but once you realize they are basically sex slaves to the evil old white guy then you can see why.

On my friend’s Facebook I posted this hilarious video that was basically how Mad Max would be if it were done with cats. Then she posted:


It… oh my God. See it. See it forever.

I will need to write a more cohesive review. Work has been busier than usual. I just… never want to not watch that movie.


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