27 everyday fears

I am hoping there is poetic elements in this strange list. I’m sure I’ll come back to it to expand. Comment your fears below! Enjoy.


everyday fears:

  1. diving under the water in a public pool and seeing a shark approaching
  2. falling asleep on the toilet and waking up with my face in the litter box
  3. reaching into the cabinet and being pulled in
  4. cutting my wrists vertically on accident far from help
  5. having a seizure behind the wheel on a busy street
  6. being unable to fit into all of my clothes
  7. finding out I was pregnant during the third trimester
  8. turning the key to my car and the car won’t start
  9. being electrocuted when plugging in the box fan or my cellphone charger
  10. being wrong
  11. my mom dying before my dad
  12. surprises
  13. large crowds
  14. Netflix taking down one of my favorite shows without warning
  15. waking up alone
  16. having my hand licked by a tongue that isn’t my cat’s.
  17. finding an old piece of clothing or writing and having sentimentality flood into me without restraint
  18. my boss dying because I don’t know what will happen
  19. being too overconfident

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