The Problem With Calling People Overweight

Every time I tried to comment the whole thing froze and crashed.
Fat is arbitrary. There is no real “measurable” way to describe fat on a person. Everybody has fat. Babies are fat, puppies are fat, chubby this, chubby that.
Overweight and Obese echo this standard/limit of weight. Anybody who is over certain BMIs can be considered Obese or Overweight, but that doesn’t really mean anything.
I’ve heard fat used in positive terms for a while now, but never Overweight and Obese. Fat people, like myself, do not claim it, it seems. That’s my opinion. Hope it helped.

Dances With Fat

Actual SizeI got this question from reader Lissa today:

I hear fat activists say that they prefer “fat” to terms like overweight and obese, but I don’t get it.  What’s better about fat than obese or overweight?

Well Lissa, I’m glad that you asked! As always people are allowed to identify themselves using whatever terms they prefer, and I can only speak for myself, but here’s what I’ve got.

My issue with the word “obese” is with how it’s used to pathologize a height/weight ratio.  The idea that our weight in pounds times 703 divided by our height in inches squared gives a health professional tons of information about our health and treatment options is pretty messed up, and that’s before you take into account the fact that the “obese” definition includes Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).  In addition to being an annoyingly useless abuse of mathematics,  it’s dangerous to those of us who…

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