Advertising on Facebook

I’ve never done any advertising on Facebook. Next to Google, I am pretty sure Facebook is one of the more populated areas of the Internet. So, with our OneWorld Memorials Facebook business page, I decided to mess around with how it works.

It’s really hard. Maybe because it’s 2 AM and I am not 100% on what I am doing it. But it’s great. I will put my own money into this company. I hope people will find us through Facebook. It’s been exciting to see people who have been onto our page and Liked our posts. I’ve learned so much about the process. I haven’t even been working here for a year (not until July) and I’ve learned more working than I did at college. And the last 2-ish months were where most of the learning was done.

Here’s a deal: If you have any type of promoting that you want done, a review, a critique, I will write one for you. In exchange, you promote my work. I’m working on gaining followers as well. Let us build an awesome community all across the Internet.


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