all work and no play make Liz not write stuff (an an opportunity for you!)

I’ve been having a difficult time writing posts. I keep forgetting I have a WordPress. I think it’s good to acknowledge that the people who are reading this are important enough to get an update.

So, update.

I recently became an hourly, part-time employee to a full-time salaried employee. It officially started on Monday but I was pushing 8 hour days last week. Because there is a lot I’ve been assigned to do. A lot has to do with SERP and SEO and a lot of other technical words that I am getting used to. We are trying to get our website found organically so we can, eventually, drop paid advertising.

I don’t know the math logistics of the business, but I don’t think we are breaking even. And then having me salaried? We better be breaking even by the time I’m through with this site.

So I’ve been reading tons of informative articles on Moz to help me get going. It’s been 3 days and I am overwhelmed. I can equate it to my senior project. Months and months of planning and preparation will need to improve our Domain Authority. And if I can’t… I will either be 1) Demoted or 2) Fired so hard that my ashes can be stuffed into one of the urns I am trying to get people to find.

I don’t know if there are any tech blogs. Please have mercy. I’ve been reading strange SEO manuals and guides and it’s all I can think about.

Last night I had a nightmare that I had to get this hat sold because it was cursed. And I had to use SEO to get people to find the site to take the hat. It didn’t work.

Bonus! My boss wanted some people to help go over the websites UI (user interface) and click a bunch of stuff. He wants to know the experience, if the website was easy to navigate and stuff like that. So, it wouldn’t be a simple “yes/no” survey. The reason it will not be a simple yes/no survey is because he wants you to buy an item. Yes, he wants you to go all the way through the process, start to finish, and take notes of everything and anything. And we will reimburse you up to $60. That means, if you purchase anything under $60, you basically get a free item. Which is awesome, and I suggest you do it.

We are looking for a demographic of people ages 30 and up, as they are the age demographic most likely to purchase an urn (for a loved one or a pet), but we will do 2 surveys for ones under the age of 30. If you are interested you can send me an E-mail. (edit: apparently the link isn’t working. E-mail to Let me know you are from WordPress, give me your age, and first name I will send you a list of questions I want answered for this survey. And once I receive the answers, and confirmation that you purchased an item, I will get my boss to reimburse you.

I do not know how long reimbursement will take, unfortunately, as nobody has done this survey yet.



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