People are Perverts

I have been looking for somebody to help me set up a portfolio for me to be a famous model (or something). Some guy found me and said he would do my whole portfolio if I slept with him. He said he’d pay me $300. I said I’d do it for, “$10,000.” And he low-balled me with $1000. No. Hell no. I am too good to be less than $10,000 a go.

So, I blocked him. And now I’m wondering if he will find me and kill me. I have his photo and number – can I report him somewhere? Fucking pervert.

So I haven’t been able to get any photos done. And that is aggravating. I realize that photographers are expensive because it’s their time and skill and equipment. I just haven’t found one that I could afford who would want to work with me. It’s hard. I think the one I would go for is $100, but that’s without hair and make up. So I’d have to go somewhere else to get it done.


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