Five Objects I have used as Bookmarks!

This pretty much sums up anytime I read. Receipts. Important papers I forget are important. Tissues. Etc.

bookmarkA bookmark is an essential piece and has important significance in any reader’s life. But it isn’t always necessary that we use the ‘bookmark’ as a bookmark. If you read while traveling, or while laying on your bed surrounded by other books, or under any other emergency situation when you just could not find the ‘bookmark’. I end up in similar situations, without a bookmark, often. And then, I use some bookmarks that are quite helpful. Here is a list of five things that I have used as bookmarks:

1. My finger, especially the index one, while changing metro lines. (I have lost more than half a dozen bookmarks, last month, at metro stations due too overcrowding).

2. A piece of newspaper rolled up like a bookmark (but is not a bookmark).

3. Pencils and pens.

4. My mobile phone.

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