13 le maitre du monde

This is the greatest thing I probably ever wrote. However, this is an older version since everything I’ve been writing is going to be shoved into a manuscript. Take heed, followers.


I saw a man create the universe in haikus

a dastardly deed indeed.

I reached out and stars punctured my palms
I didn’t understand
so I turned towards him

“What is your issue, old man?”

His eyebrows cackled
above plastic cheekbones
mother of pearl teeth

he coughed watermelon slices
mulling over his role in the grand scheme

three condescending laughs
then he took his satin belt and tightened it
sinking down down down

He was just a reflection
the pool rippled and he vanished.
the further I leaned in to find him
the quicker I began to drown

I created this death

I pulled my face from the water
the cascading drops played a mournful tune
eyes shut. eyes shut.

Kneeling on the brink of destruction
like Saturn’s rings, spinning erratically, organized

I scream, “I am drowning in this vast space!”
and it echoes through my bones
my ribcage is made of poison ivy
my hands have become dry, old, refrigerated cake

I walk on the balls of my feet to build calluses
when I step on volcanoes I will neither burn or scream

One by one I pluck every. single. hair.
from my body and plant them into the soil
or blow them away with impossible wishes

I comb over my skin with my fingers
I feel every perfection and my own blemishes
mine mine mine mine

I sneeze entire swans
they paddle their way downstream, singing

I close my eyes and see myself painting my nails
wild berries grow from my wrists
the quicker I eat them, the quicker I go blind

Soon, the universe around me will be awake
dawn’s rays made of haikus


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