11 I should be trilingual

I should be trilingual

colloquial cantonese

i stare out into the open
across one see to the next
skipped like a flat, vulgar rock

i can eat and shop in English
i can eat and shop in French
i can say my name in Cantonese

“why didn’t you learn Cantonese?”

“Uh… you were busy learning English?”

I don’t blame her.

If Wheel of Fortune was Chinese,
you’d bet your ass I’d learn

That’s how you learned English

(and in secret study in the night)

I scroll down pages and pages of information
I can see the Yale and pronunciation

I am disturbed that I may be fluent
but also illiterate

At least I can badmouth my enemies
and I can shit talk my friends

In Cantonese, on occasion, I know if you’re talking about me

French, English, Cantonese


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