7 thin sloth genesis

I’ve been working on a manuscript. It is stressful. I decided to be a sloth.


in a similar life
in a different time
I am the Eve of sloths

I am cautious
free thinking

a strong independent woman sloth who ain’t need no man sloth

from the branch
from where I hang
I spot the fig

(maybe the fig spots me?)

slandering God
meandering sloth
reach towards the fig

I allow myself seven days and nights

and on the seventh night
forbidden figgy fig fig
and on the seventh second
before the eighth day

reach reach reach

use your strange sloth fingers!
you have been starving for this knowledge
cravings cramp your sloth belly

please please please

ah ha! fig brushes the sloth hand
mouth grinding into it like a grazing cow
drool pool beneath you

infinite knowledge?

looooooooaaaaaaad offfffffff
in your slow sloth voice

you want to stay a thin sloth
mark your own path, slowly
than to be a knowledgeable fat cat

let them figure it out themselves
trial and error right?

descend into sloth sleep
from 15 to 18 hours.


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