6 racist racist

I’ll say this one time because a lot of people lose their shit over people trying to voice their opinion: I don’t give a shit if you’re white, but if you are literally in denial about your privilege and feel entitled to your opinions and deny mind, then fuck you. I had a white guy say I didn’t have a say in what happened in Paris because I wasn’t FRENCH. But why the fuck should he give a damn? And this happened 4 times on FB. The most exciting thread got deleted.

I know some people may not feel their privilege, but that doesn’t mean you can’t acknowledge that there is a slight chance that it exists and none of it is your fault by birth. People think I want the to apologize for being white. No. I can’t blame you for being born. I can blame you for thinking you are all mighty and then threatening me.

Try to bring up, “Well people were racist to the Irish.” Yeah, white people. A different breed of white people. Who is on top in the end of all of these stories? White people.

And they don’t see why I’m fucking upset that Miss SOUTH AFRICA was white. There is just a level of not getting it. It’s like a flu.

Who is more scared of who, now?


you deny me my existence

“you don’t know anything about the white man’s struggle
stop being a reverse racist”
“haha (sarcastically) joke’s on you! I’m half white!”

“haha back at you because I’m also not all white!”

Spiteful me:

“Oh, you English, German, Irish, Norwegian and Italian?
five tubes of spices appropriated from the east?
five flavas of mayonnaise”


I am sorry that, even with that privilege,
you feel insecure at my little jabs
at asinine things

I say, “you must be the one who started that petition
to change the name of the cracker aisle at the grocery store.”

you threaten to come to my city to find me

you say you hold the power
and that I’m the reverse of that?

you call me a reverse racist
so then I must not exist

if you get hot-headed you need to chill

what are you so threatened by

you are an embarrassment to yourself


4 thoughts on “6 racist racist

    • Whites oppressed the blacks in South Africa, but Mandela ushered an age of equality. If a contestant should be barred from winning a competition because of the color of their skin we would be going back to the bad old days.

      • Well if MLK ushered in an age of equality for the US, which many people say, how come there is such a huge disparity in income, education, and prison among black people? Is that not true of South Africa, if it is please source it.

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