freelance writing gigs

It makes me feel sad that my work is only part time. There isn’t a lot to do and if there is anything to do it is super urgent and had to be fixed ASAP.

I’ve been taking gigs through Craigslist and hoping to find work that way. That’s how I found my current job and a couple before that.

I can edit and do SEO writing and blog and market. I never think I’m better than anybody but with all this skill I think I could potentially be paid slightly more. It’s difficult.

If anybody needs help editing their NaNos or anything else I’m the one you should come see. I edit at a dollar a page (double spaced). Come one. Come all!

Fantastic Elizabeth has the ole dazzle dazzle!


“SEO is a sentient being like when a Terminator gains self awareness.” As you can see, I am a very comprehensible note taker.


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