2. chest piece puzzle

i have to find my own skin
it’s laying in alleyways
stuck in drains
knotted in the trees
buried under the lakes

Nudity, true nudity,
is my body being untouched

If I were born art
I would want people to see me
as splendor
as wonder

I am not a mistake
my skin is not a mistake

“come as you are”
she says to me
septum piercing
green hair

“come as you are”

and come as I want to be

I stare at my naked chest
that has remained bare
and unattended to for years

I can only apologize
and save up for clothing
And let my true nature shine
because I am the dreamer
I am the canvas

I am not a mistake

2015 is the year of the Sheep. Chinese New Year (beginning in February). I have an 8-point star on my chest (underneath das boobies) but it’s just a basic outline. I haven’t figured out anything to add on. Then I was thinking… a sheep’s face. Like how they do skulls, only this wouldn’t be a skull. I planned to have Chinese chrysanthemum’s tattooed onto my shoulders and work into the front but I didn’t know where to keep going to make it one fluid piece. So I think this is what I want.

And the only time I do feel naked is when I take my piercings out. Obviously I can’t remove my tattoos. But I had to get an MRI one time and I had to remove all my piercings. That’s 8: Septum, 3 lobes in each ear, and 1 cartilage ear. I felt really naked at that point. And it was strange.


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