dreaming in the cold

This is something that always happens. It is easier to fall asleep in the cold and sleeping in the cold causes nightmares. Although the latter may not be verified, it seems to have had a tendency to affect me.

Throw that in top of the weird nightmare inducing thoughts I have and it’s Uncomfortable Dream Central.

If I am having a really good, happy, non-argumentative time with my fiance, then I don’t tend to have happy dreams. I end up with semi-realistic, sad dreams where I wake up thinking we broke up, or he left, or I messed up somehow.

Can this be an insecurity leaking out? I’m pretty sure it may be that. I don’t know if it’s a fear of ending up alone as much as a fear that I’ll lose the person closest to me. That is a valid fear for anybody.

Today is a day I’m going to take slow, need to figure out how to do Tai chi and then, subsequently, not break out into a sweat every time I try to do it.


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