386,170 Unhelpful Things

Dances With Fat

I recently undertook  a decidedly unscientific experiment to catalog a sample of what messages I get about my body from the world around me in a 24 hour period.  Instead of posting specific examples (because I heard some ugly things that I’d rather not repeat), I’ve decided instead to group them by category.  I looked at the data and drew more than conclusions – I drew a new approach to my online personality and communications (more about that in a minute).

I chose a typical day – I went to the grocery store, I was on the internet for business and for personal surfing, I drove for a couple of hours with the radio on.  I was on Facebook and Livejournal.  I don’t watch regular TV (with commercials) so there is none of that.  I purposefully didn’t go to any websites that were specifically about weight or weight loss, any…

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