New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not going to put weight loss down as one. I don’t need that pressure. I’d love to be healthier, it would help all sorts of crazy premiums go down in cost. That’s the first thing I wanted to mention. I can accept my fat ass and I know my limits. Good luck to all of those on that journey! Hope you can get what you’re looking for. I, however, am looking for different things:

  1. Get a strong dose prescription for the Chill Pill. I am planning to count the days I have emotional meltdowns over absolutely nothing. I suppose 2016 would be when I can decide what I should do to prevent breakdowns. Panic attacks are not any fun.
  2. Pay off my Torrid card. If I cannot pay it off the same month I spend any money on it, then I will not use it. Pay off Kohl’s card. Pay off Paypal Credit. Cancel the card. Think about all the bad decisions I’ve made with it. Regret nothing.
  3. Paying off Andrew’s phone would be nice. That’s a lot of money going towards making sure I am financially secure.
  4. Save money. Double my savings.
  5. Write 100 poems. A poem a day may be too ambitious, but it isn’t impossible.
  6. Do NaNo. Do NaNo in under 30 hours. A stream of consciousness of a novel. Pure magic.
  7. Eat out less. I don’t know if I want to include Perkins, because that’s where I go.
  8. Take care of myself with the multi-vitamins and what not.
  9. Cut down the meat I eat, drastically reduce red meat intake.
  10. I’ve started committing myself to brushing my teeth every night. Yes, it’s gross to think I don’t, but the worst part is that I stopped because of something traumatic. But I don’t want to lose my teeth.

Andrew said he’d spend more time with me. And he’s not the romantic type but I find that incredibly romantic. Especially since I asked him earlier if he had any and he said he had none. So I’ve been in a good mood. I don’t know if “Find a New Job” would be one I want to put down… maybe find an extra job? Qui sait.


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