Ouran High School Host Club

This is an anime I am taking a slow stroll with. It’s strange, but I can’t sit through a marathon of episodes. There’s something rich about it; like when you have a decadent cake that is too sweet and just perfect and you need to savor each bite rather than shove it into your mouth.

And I didn’t think it would be my kind of anime. It has sort of the same umph! as My Bride is a Mermaid, but I rushed through that and that was no good. So I have to go back through it again.

I watched a documentary on Japanese hosts on Netflix called The Great Happiness Space. Sadly, it appears to have been taken off instant. It’s worth a watch. But this film was my introduction to host clubs – I never knew they existed. The concept seems nice, but then comes all the downfalls.

I wonder if this will become a trend over here. I’m pretty sure the US is too prude.


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