Taiko Ensemble Class, then, Marketing

They’re offering one at St. Kate’s and since I’m an alumni I can audit it, but I have no idea how much that’s going to cost. It is 1 credit, but when I remember the fact that 1 credit is roughly $1,200, I lose my mind. Especially since I’ll have to pay out of pocket. I mean, if it ended up being $400 and I could pay it over the course of the semester, I’d be fine. But if I had to pay it all at once, I’d lose my savings. I would just end up taking it another time or at another place for cheaper. Breaks my damn heart. I really want to take it. I sent out an E-mail, so I am hoping for an answer later today.

And when I brought up classes to my boss he said if I could find any class that would help with SEO and online marketing, he’d help pay, if not completely pay, for them. My friend said, “Try to get 100 followers by the time you want to convince him!” But I wanted to totally convince him in January. I don’t think it’s impossible. But, at least for our work Facebook page, it took 2 months to get 100 likes. And that was from me bugging my friends, him bugging his friends, and that sort of insanity.

My Mary Kay lady, who is a fantastic person, has been trying to get me to host a party, and if I can sell X amount, I get discounts. I may have made a partial sale, but she hasn’t actually placed the order yet. But Mary Kay and selling urns are, in essence, the exact same business. Though, at the end of the day, you look incredibly different when choosing one over the other.

I feel like I should race my friend to 100, but she has 80ish followers from WordPress, although her counter says almost 400ish. And linking to her will only make her more powerful. But I scratch her back, and she slaps me on the shoulder and promises to scratch my back at a later time?

Marketers? Business people? What should I do?


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