Trigun Review (begin weeping)

This is one of the first animes I remember seeing on Adult Swim.

So, it was totally unlike Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sailor Moon, and the like.
Up until that point the most “violent” anime I saw was Rurouni Kenshin, which was not as gruesome as the OVAs: Trust & Betrayal and Reflection (which ruined my life).

So, looking back, it’s been a couple of years since I have watched it but it reminds me of a mix of Neon Genesis Evangelion (this piece of goddamn beautiful shit) and Borderlands 2. And maybe a little mix of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

So if you like those things, then you will like this thing.

Spoiler Alerts and I swear a lot:

So this hunk of man candy:

Mandy for short. Don't you fucking lie to me and say that you didn't think Vash was some attractive shit.

Mandy for short. Don’t you fucking lie to me and say that you didn’t think Vash was some attractive shit.

Vash the Stampede is quite the troublemaker with his “Humanoid Typhoon” reputation. So, like what should’ve happened in all super hero movies, he is being accosted by 2 insurance investigators, Meryl Stryfe and Milly Thompson.

Who even thought of this subplot?

Who even thought of this subplot?

And they are there to make sure no more shit gets blown the fuck up because of Vash. I don’t know how insurance works, at least not on a professional level, but that is probably the thing to do. Alternatively they could just give up their insurance gig and live happy, wholesome lives somewhere in a van down by the river.

With a bounty on Vash’s head for 60 billion double dollars (which I see annotated as $$60, which is stupid to me) people lose their shit and start trying to capture each other. Horrible game of capture the flag, really. People get blown up, they get shot, they are accused and have to try to prove their innocence. This Vash, for not stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility for the apocolypse he caused, is a real dickhead…

you fucking adorable piece of shit...

you fucking adorable piece of shit…

The entire time, Meryl and Milly aren’t sure that Vash is actually Vash the Stampede, because he’s a clumsy, foolish, moron-oaf who couldn’t possibly have the ability to do whatever it was he did, back in the day. They follow him this entire time and write reports about what’s happening because they’re actually doing their jobs unlike other insurance agents I know. (They send Thanksgiving and Birthday cards to me, but cannot get my damn Toyota fixed).

At one point, they meet up with this awesome dude with Nicholas D. Wolfwood who is a pretty righteous dude.

I will follow Him Ever since he touched my heart, I knew There isn't an ocean too deep A mountain so high it can keep Keep me away, away from his love

I will follow Him, Ever since he touched my heart, I knew
         There isn’t an ocean too deep, A mountain so high it can keep
                              Keep me away, away from his love

The fun NGE twist comes around when you find out that Vash is out of this world. Like, literally. Like, oh my God. There is even a flash back and everything. And you think all the sleazy villains they’ve encountered were terrible – you meet his brother, Knives. Who is a complete psychopath.


shinji get in the robot, get in the fucking robot shinji

There is this epic melange of wild west shootouts and galactic battles. And the conclusion gives you the feels.

And, lets be real, there is so much shit I could explain, but I will withhold that information and, instead, show you one of the main reasons you should watch Trigun is this:


Don’t betray me.


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