Review of The Devil is a Part Timer

I share the same sentiments and this post gives the plot more justice instead of calling everybody dicks and fucking idiots. I will do my own at some point, but this will do for now. Thanks The OtakuJungle ❤ !

The Otaku Judge


When it comes to culinary careers working for McDonalds must be pure hell. Ironic then that The Devil is a Part Time revolves around Satan’s employment at a fast food chain synonymous for its coronary blocking burgers. The aforementioned evil overlord once presided over a mighty demonic army, but when an angelic hero thwarts his conquest of the Ente Isla kingdom he is forced to flee for his life by jumping into an inter-dimensional rift. The portal plumps Satan in modern day Japan and drains him of his magical powers, effectively transforming the powerful devil into a weedy human named Sadao Maou. Devoid of qualifications Satan is forced to eke out a living at “MgRonalds” whilst his faithful lieutenant Ashiya researches a method to replenish his master’s dwindling mana reserves.


The Devil is a Part Timer is a thirteen episode anime series based on the light novels penned by…

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