Live Action Princess Jellyfish OMG ANNOUNCEMENT + Princess Jellyfish Anime Review

The best part about finding about the live action Princess Jellyfish was that Tsukimi Kurashita (main character) was wearing a UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA GOLDEN GOPHER SWEATER.

It was like when Jesse and James were disguised as Vikings and Ash goes, "I heard they lived in Minnesota." MY 8 YEAR OLD MIND COULDN'T HANDLE IT IN THEATERS.

I feel the same as when, in the Pokemon The First Movie, Jesse and James were disguised as Vikings and Ash goes, “I heard they lived in Minnesota.” MY 8 YEAR OLD MIND COULDN’T HANDLE IT IN THEATERS. LOOK AT IT. LOOK AT IT AND TREMBLE!!!

HELLA SPOILERS, Princess Jellyfish:
And, I am trying my best to be sensitive of the pronouns, so please let me know if I am being offensive or using the wrong ones or if the term “cross-dresser” is negative, because I am writing from memory and using Wikipedia in case I really forget. 

I literally watched it because the cover on Netflix for it looked cute. As usual, I watched it in Japanese with English subtitles. People don’t seem to agree with me (ie. all my friends) and tell me to watch it in English, but 1) my ears work on and off 2) I can read the subtitles and see the entire scene at the same time because I have crazy eyes that SEE ALL THE THINGS.

Usually I only watch things if they have come to a conclusion so I can watch them all at once: House, Breaking Bad, Futurama, King of the Hill, Madoka Magica, NGE, My Bride is a Mermaid, and I’m currently watching Lie to Me (great freaking show, by the way). But I am watching Bones and The Walking Dead which haven’t finished, which makes it worse for me because I am impatient when it comes to finding things that waste my time.

I don’t know if I realized that it was over or not. I am used to the 24/26 episode animes. So this was about half of that size (which is what seems popular now, which I don’t understand). I watched it and I was pretty impressed with the entire plot.

That Tsukimi’s love of jellyfish was tied into her mother. She lived with a bunch of crazy-ass otaku-esque characters that made me cry with laughter because- holy Jumping Jesus in coveralls- I could see a little bit of me inside of every single one of them. They were very non-traditional characters, except for Chieko, who was maintained Japanese traditions in many aspects: “She is obsessed with dressing in traditional Japanese clothes, such as in a kimono, and collects traditional Japanese dolls.” [1] Then there was that weird roommate, Juon Mejiro, who never left her room, hated men, but worked on Yaoi mangas. That misandry, right there, is the final step of evolution.

Kuranosuke becomes one of Tsukimi’s best friends because Tsukimi saw two different types of jellyfish in the same tank and tried to tell the the male clerk (because men are gross) that the two jellyfish needed to be separated. So he pushes her, like a dick. And Tsukimi bumps into Kuranosuke, a very fashionable lady, who reasons with the clerk to give Tsukimi one of the jellyfish, and then she invites Kuranosuke back to where she lives: the all-female apartment building, Amamizukan. Which, they are petitioning to save because people want it demolished because people are assholes.


The next morning, Tsukimi wakes up to see THIS:


SURPRISE. I’m just kidding, this is what it was like when we snuck boys into our dorms past midnight at our all girl’s school. At least, this is what some of my friends said, because I was too busy sleeping by myself and watching Glee.

Tsukimi totally flips her shit and THEN explains that it is an all-girls residence. And if anybody saw a boy they’d most likely dissolve into oblivion or beat him to death. I dunno.

So Kuranosuke dresses back up into the beautiful person that he is and comes back the next day, is deemed TOO CHIC and then kicked out, but is forgiven with offerings of expensive meat. And then we find out Kuranosuke is a disgrace to his family because he is the son of a wealthy politician or business man or something, and it’s not like families of politicians are fucked up at all. And it turns out that it is his family which, let’s be real, is full of messed up people.

His bespeckled brother, who is awesome, manages to fall in love with Tsukimi once she finds out that he is rich and then Kuranosuke gives her a makeover. So Tsukimi’s in this beautiful clothes and when Sho (the brother) sees her for the first time then falls madly in love with her but he doesn’t recognize her if she’s wearing her regular clothes and wearing her glasses. So, Tsukimi is obviously Superman.

Fucking Otaku.

Fucking Otaku.

But Kuranosuke’s uncle is awesome because he sees Kuranosuke in his dress and then goes all explosive KAWAII PIKU PIKU on him and the dad’s just rolling his eyes. I want a spin-off of Kuranosuke’s uncle. Who is also a politician.

すごい  すごい  すごい  すごい  すごい  すごい  すごい  すごい

すごい すごい すごい すごい すごい すごい すごい すごい

So, Kuranosuke keeps appearing and then it is unsettling to Tsukimi and the other otaku ladies, especially since none of them realize she’s not biologically a she. And they never find out.




And I think it was Sho who kept coming over to deliver the memo and kept trying to find that lovely stranger but, instead, got Tsukimi, who recognized him, but barely. She had her glasses off or something. I don’t know, go watch it for yourself. Sho has one of the best scenes in the history of animation:

Holy. Moley. Mother. Of. God.

Holy. Moley. Mother. Of. God.

There were some awesome moments, like anytime there was a jellyfish or an aquarium, that time they made jellyfish plushies and sold them and made mucho yen. And the best part was when everybody got super feminine make overs and it was as uncomfortable for me to see them as it was for them to be made over.

And, resolution. Because. I can’t even explain it. The plot wasn’t nearly as complicated as a lot of other animes I have seen so it won’t be hard to follow if you decide to watch it. Which I would totally recommend you do so you can steal a crap ton of their fashion advice and be fantastic. FANTASTIC.

/end blog, oh man.


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