another anime post

The Devil is a Part-timer 

How the eff are you going to just put 13 episodes on? Like, WTF.
Like, I’m a 22 year old adult with a full time job making decent money – and I can’t sit and relax with a full season?

So, obviously I finished what was on there.

I had a friend badmouth Knights of Sidonia.
Well, now an ex-friend. Obviously. Like, seriously. The style is a little strange – the design, the 3D – not – 3D style. But it’s SOOOOooOooOooOo good.

And then she suggested Black Butler to me. Should I listen to this heathen?

Bravo Girls was also an anime I watched with a friend, in bulk, saw the good part of half the series. Do NOT watch it. It is waaaaay too sexual and includes waaaaay too many under-aged girls and it’s not that good. As far as cultural differences go between the US and Japan, I’m not comfortable with it. And if you’re as awesome as I am then you won’t be comfortable with it either.

And Drew told me to watch Moonphase but it is creepy – not in the same way. But the tension. That’s creepy.

My Bride is a Mermaid merits a second watch. Lunar’s father is my favorite character. It is very clear why once you watch that and then proceed to watch the 2 Terminator movies they made.

What do you mean 3 and a series? It was just 2. 2 Terminator movies. I don’t know what world you’re living in where there was 3.

Pengi – dakara. booooooOOoooooooo.


3 thoughts on “another anime post

    • Oh. No. It was only meant to be 13 episodes?! I haven’t read any literature on it, just in case of spoilers. It kind of felt like a faux ending. I didn’t really get to know some of the characters all that well. This for a very sad Liz makes.

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