Ebola – updates, thoughts

The Hot Zone was the book that terrified me of the prospect of a communicable disease/infection that has no definite means of countering. Great book, couldn’t put it down.

People try to say that other diseases are more deadly – Influenza has killed X’million more people than Ebola! – but don’t seem to realize that the survival rate is less than 10% (or so I’ve read). So, yes, Ebola hasn’t killed as many people as the flu, but I’d rather contract the flu than Ebola anyday. Any. Day.

The last thing I read after one of the top research doctors died of Ebola was that 2 American Peace Corps volunteers in Libera contracted Ebola. And we chartered a plane to bring them to the states.

Now, I don’t want these people to die. I don’t want anybody to die, especially in such a horrible way. But I don’t want them to be brought here. I understand they would probably want to see their family and vice versa but that goes against everything you’re supposed to do in a quarantine. And it already seems to have gone out of control since, apparently, the first case reported involved a guy on a plane, so everybody on that plane is wherever they were going.

According to The Hot Zone, Ebola was in the US only when it was found in monkeys that were being smuggled in (which seems strange to me, it’s definitely a book I’ll need to reread), but luckily, that type of Ebola wasn’t transmitted from monkeys to humans. As far as I am aware now, the CDC has samples.

(Wasn’t there an episode of The Walking Dead based around the futility of trying to figure out how the walkers reanimated?)

What does the CDC or Emory Hospital (according to a friend who lives less than 100 miles from those buildings) have to combat Ebola that countries in quarantine don’t have? Is there some treatment that we’ve been hiding in this country but not offered to Africa? In that case, we are terrible people who had the ability to save lives and didn’t until it fell to our own people.

Nobody knows where it comes from. What if it’s just a dormant element in the body that acts as a self-destruct button? I’m really interested to know. I hope the outbreak ends soon so that more people don’t have to suffer.

And that thought lead me to contemplate the fact that us First-World Americans have been pushing against the vaccines (royal we, I guess, because I wouldn’t) and that people are dying left and right of preventable sickness, how would we even be intelligent enough to combat Ebola?


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