The Incredibles

When the film first came out, I liked to identify with Violet because she was introverted and was stuck between wanting and not wanting attention. Then Edna, because DUH, AND, OR HELLO?

Now I sit her thinking I’m like Robert Parr. Especially after graduating high school where I was no longer thus beloved entity- I just seemed to devolve to background noise. And the lashing out.

But just sitting here trying to come to terms with the fact that baby steps towards progress, in any area, is still progress but I want large leaps. The argument about Dash’s “graduation ceremony” and how society looks to celebrate mediocrity ties into that mindset. And I have to be really open minded and be thankful that, while there are always actions that will negate what I want to advance, there is still hope for advance.

Although there may not be the same hope for humanity.


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