Contradiction 1

Currently, or at least as far as I’m aware, my alma-mater is run by a board consisting of 6 or so men and 1 woman, Sr. Andrea. I heard praise of her all throughout my years, but she must be some godlike entity because I don’t think I ever saw her in person.

The school complains (teaches us to complain) that there is a heavy bias between male and female leadership. Well, why do we support that bias in our own school government? Is the reason nothing seemed to have progressed because of this fact?

That I thought I would be in a place where I felt safe to express myself, and come to realize who I was, seems like a huge mistake.

I questioned authority in high school when I told the principal that the one way exit needed to be exclusively one way, because I would like to not like to die in a head-on collision on the property of the saddest place in the world, he laughed and said he drove the wrong way on it sometimes and that it was fine. I looked him dead in the eyes and said, “power corrupts,” and walked away.

He’s still principal and I’m just on my LoveSac, angry.


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